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Ferro products have a unique style. Silhouettes of bags of Italian masters are easy to distinguish from the number of analogues. They have an attractive appeal.

You can distinguish a well-known brand from a fake by the following features:
leather products are made from natural raw materials, as evidenced by a special tab in

  • the form of a sample;
  • the logo is made in the form of a metal pendant attached to the handle;
  • brand name — capital letters ” FR ” written in the author’s font, enclosed in a circle;
  • the lining is always selected to match the skin or slightly lighter;
  • the leather is premium quality, has no scuffs or defects;
  • brand name — perfect lines;

metal fittings made of strong metal, even with prolonged harsh operation remains shiny and undamaged.

Upon detailed inspection, there is no defect on the original product. In production, 70% of operations are performed manually. Marriage is strictly monitored and eliminated. Products from the eco style line are in the price category of 10-25 dollars. They are made of natural hemp, linen and twill. On the inner surface of the cloth product there is a corporate logo in the form of printing with indelible ink. Prints on the fabric are made by deep staining, colors are not afraid of fading or erasing.

Ferro bags inspire a variety of solutions in collections. Hand clutches are made in rich colors with suede inserts. The combination of two skin types is included in the design solutions of the fashion house.

All models are aimed at connoisseurs of urban style and street fashion.









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Hand-made process of Ferro bags